Elegant Dent modelling liquid is a comprehensive solution that can be used to mix both metal and zirconia ceramics to give the ceramist the desired consistency when layering and modelling. The use of modelling liquid controls the evaporation of liquid from the liquid-ceramic mixture. This will ensure that the ceramist can maintain the required level of moisture. Processing techniques become effortless as our modelling liquid will offer the user with excellent stability when layering, which will also be preserved for a longer period of time. At the same time shrinkage is reduced and will be at a minimum when using Elegant Dent modelling liquid.

Advantages for the technician when using Elegant Dent modelling liquid include longer lasting softness and plasticity, reduced working time, stability is maintained for longer, colour shade and strength are preserved which will be noticeable after the baking phase.

Elegant Dent opaque liquid will mix opaque and wash opaque materials whether they are in a powder or paste form. The use of opaque liquid will ensure that a homogenous mixture is formed with minimal granules. Additionally, the opaquer layer will adhere better to the metal framework.

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