Elegant Dent zirconia ceramic stain powders come in a wide assortment of 17 colourful stains that can be used for the characterisation of PFZ restorations. The metal ceramic stains have been designed and manufactured to match the thermal expansion properties of the Elegant Dent zirconia ceramic range (8.9•10-6K-1 ~ 9.6•10-6K-1). This perfect match in CTE ranges ensures that when the stains are used with Elegant Dent zirconia ceramic powders, there is a low possibility for separation of the stain layer.

The stains can be used for internal and external staining techniques. Examples include colouring in grooves made, accurately mimic in-depth effects, surface characterisation, shade correction and avoiding the opaquer layer reflective surface when there is insufficient space for ceramic build up. Elegant Dent stains provide the ceramist with the creative freedom to imitate all of the internal and external effects found in natural teeth.

– 17 colours available to enhance the aesthetics of your PFZ restorations
– The stains are used for both internal and external characterisation
– Low possibility of separation due to a perfect match in CTE ranges

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