Group 255 (2)

Smart and Accurate 3D Printing Materials

For all dental models

Group 224

Revolutionise your restorations

Flexural Strength
Shade Accuracy
Cracks Free
Group 169 (1)-min
Dentine 50g-min

Group 241

Superior Zirconia Aesthetics

Empower your dental lab & replicate nature

Group 36-min
PFZ_Dentine 50g-min

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At Elegant Dent, we hold a deep appreciation for the power of connections and strength of community. It is rooted in our origins as a family business, we understand the value of nurturing relationships that extend beyond borders and continents.

As we continue to grow, we see each new partnership as an opportunity to expand our global family. Our journey is enriched by the diverse voices, experiences, and cultures we encounter, and we eagerly welcome the chance to connect with you, wherever you are in the world. Together, we can create lasting bonds that drive excellence in dental care across the globe. Join us in this exciting adventure as we work hand in hand to build a stronger, more connected dental community.


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