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Patients will benefit by having durable, long lasting prostheses thanks to great physical properties of the ceramics. This includes good biocompatibility, high bonding strength and flexural strength values that are more than twice as high as the required ISO standard.

Revolutionise your restorations

ceraPRIME® MC is a leucite-supported feldspar ceramic that brings a high level of aesthetics to PFM restorations. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) range is 12.9•10⁻⁶K⁻¹ ~ 13.8•10⁻⁶K⁻¹ (25-500°C) and has been designed to perfectly match conventional bonding alloys in the market. This includes high gold content, reduced gold content, palladium-based, silver and non-precious alloys.

Compatible with 90% of conventional bonding alloys on the market!

Matched with all alloys

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High gold content

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Reduced gold content

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Precious metal-free

To mimic nature to the highest degree possible, the need to use materials with life-like optical properties is essential. With ceraPRIME® MC you can easily replicate enamel effects and reflect the natural translucency and transparency of teeth. The restorations will mimic the optical characteristics of natural teeth in all light conditions including opalescence and display fluorescence beneath ultraviolet lighting.

Patients will benefit by having durable, long-lasting prostheses thanks to great physical properties of the ceramics. This includes good biocompatibility, high bonding strength and flexural strength values that are more than twice as high as the required ISO standard.

What are the benefits of using ceraPRIME® MC?

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    Phenomenal shade reproduction

  • Group 45

    Great modelling characteristics

  • Group 41

    Minimal shrinkage

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    Efficient and easy to use system

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    Highly aesthetic and economical results

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Shade Accuracy
Bubbles Free
Cracks Free

Available in 16, 26 and Bleach Shades!

First time, every time

Experience a seamless workflow with our dependable materials, where reworks become a thing of the past. We understand the frustration and time-consuming nature of reworking, which is why we have crafted our products to be exceptionally reliable.

Experience perfect shade reproduction across all shades!

Bring your restoration to life with a touch of opalescence.

Mimic the optical characteristics of natural teeth by adding fluorescent powders.

Perfectly imitate the enamel layer in real dentition with our transpa powders.

Innovative Leucite Technology

We have selected the most premium, high-quality materials that are engineered in a special blend to form ceraPRIME® MC. Supporting you in producing durable, life-like results that blend with the natural dentition.

Elegant Dent ceraPRIME® MC features extremely high flexural strength values thanks to the inclusion of leucite, which are over twice as high as the required ISO standard (EN ISO 6872). The figure shows ceraPRIME® MC flexural strength values in comparison to a conventional ceramic and the ISO limit.

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Surface of ceraPRIME® MC viewed with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) after acid etching. It can be seen that the leucite crystals are uniformly distributed in the glass phase structure and without cracks.

Making the most of ceraPRIME® MC features

We separate ourselves in the industry with an attention to detail in every aspect of the in-house production of dental ceramics. It guarantees a porcelain system you can always rely on.

Extensive quality control in combination with unique processing technology confirms minimal shrinkage and stable CTE values across the range. Achieve multiple firings thanks to the superb stability of the porcelain. No more degradation of chroma and grey restorations!

Fire the restoration over 5 times without colour loss.

Maximum Substructure Coverage

ceraPRIME® MC Opaque comes in both powder and paste forms for your convenience. Achieve maximum alloy coverage of the framework within just one layer thanks to the homogenous distribution and particle structure.

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    Full masking within one firing

  • Group 58

    Greater adhesion of ceramic to framework

  • Group 58

    Air bubbles are eliminated

  • Group 58

    Cracks avoided

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Clinical Cases

ceraPRIME® MC has gained a global following, trusted by countless users worldwide and used for a wide range of PFM indications, which consistently delivers exceptional clinical results.

The ceraPRIME® MC System

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