iQprint® Model

Group 255 (2)
P4 2 Introduction 1-min

All iQprint® model resins are open materials that are compatible with any 3D printer that utilises a light-source with a wavelength of 405nm.

Smart and Accurate Model Resins

iQprint® Model is an innovative liquid photopolymer resin for use in 3D printers utilising a wavelength of 405nm. The iQprint® Model Resins are high-speed printing solutions, tailored for producing high-accuracy restorative models. They have been engineered to fulfil the exacting demands of restorative dentistry, prioritising precision, dependability, and efficiency. With Elegant Dent 3D Printing solutions, achieve detailed models and dies featuring sharp margins and contacts, ensuring superior quality within fast-paced timelines.

The iQprint® Model and iQprint® Model Pro 3D printing resins allow you to precisely print any dental model including working, study, and forming models. Effortlessly produce large volumes of models, adeptly manage urgent cases, and deliver highly accurate custom fixed prosthetics and implants.

All iQprint® Model Resins are open materials that are compatible with any 3D printer that utilises a light-source with a wavelength of 405nm.

Your advantages with iQprint® Model

Group 213

High-speed and precise printing

Group 211

Works for all dental models

Group 214

Hard surfaces that maintain a smooth finish

Group 297

Phenomenal surface detail

Group 77

Increased economic efficiency

Take it to the next level and go PRO!

Choose iQprint® Model Pro to print all dental models with an extra hard surface. Model Pro will give your dental models even more added strength and durability.

The range

Website cut out P4-2 1 (1)-min

iQprint® Model Slate

  • Neutral colour
  • Detailed surface texture
Website cut out P4-3 1 (1)-min

iQprint® Model Blush

  • Crisp anatomical details
  • Excellent colour
Website cut out P4-4 1 (1)-min

iQprint® Model Pro Snow

  • Extra hard surface
  • Perfect for study and orthodontic models
  • Vibrant white models

360° Support

Purchasing iQprint® products not only ensures the highest quality for your dental lab, but also provides access to a robust support network. Ready to assist you in troubleshooting any challenges you may encounter. We’re here to support you every step of the way!

Ideal for all dental models

  • Group 57 (2)

    Crown and bridge models

  • Group 57 (2)

    Diagnostic models

  • Group 57 (2)

    Implant analogue models

  • Group 57 (2)

    Orthodontic models

  • Group 57 (2)

    Study models

  • Group 57 (2)

    Thermoforming models

Available in 2 variants & 3 colours!


Impeccable surface detail, whilst maintaining a hard finish.


iQprint® MODEL iQprint® MODEL PRO
General information
XY resolution (mm)0.0300.028
Z resolution (mm)0.0300.010
Layer height (mm)0.03 ~ 0.10.03 ~ 0.1
Optimal (mm)0.050.05
Retract speed (mm/min)150150
Transition typeLinearLinear
Waiting modeLightLight-off delay
Waiting modeLightLight-off delay
Bottom layers
Layer count66
Exposure time (s)30 ~ 4020 ~ 30
Lifting distance (mm)87
Lifting speed (mm/min)6050
Light-off delay (s)1310
Bottom retract distance (mm)87
Bottom retract speed (mm/min)150150
Transition layers
Layer count66
Normal layers
Exposure time (s)2 ~ 2.52 ~ 3
Lifting distance (mm)87
Lifting speed (mm/min)6050
Light-off delay (s)1310
Retract distance (mm)87

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