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Elegant Dent ceraPRIME® MC: Perfecting metal ceramic restorations

Elegant Dent was delighted to attend the Dental Technology Showcase at the NEC in Birmingham. It was an absolute pleasure to see so many passionate individuals joining us for this remarkable event!

We had the pleasure of hosting two lectures this year. At our first lecture, dental professionals gathered for an enlightening lecture by Joachim Sojae, a renowned ceramist from the Oral Pro Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. The course aimed to empower attendees to enhance their metal ceramic restorations to new heights.

Throughout the session, Joachim shared invaluable insights and techniques to achieve outstanding results with ceraPRIME® MC. One of the focal points was mastering the art of obtaining a perfectly adapted ceramic shoulder, ensuring seamless integration with the underlying metal framework. Attendees gained first hand knowledge on achieving aesthetic colour rendering in just a few firings, revolutionising their approach to restorative dentistry.

The lecture’s primary learning objectives were centred around three key areas. Firstly, participants learned to expertly control and reach the desired shade using ceraPRIME® MC stain, enabling precise colour matching for natural-looking restorations. Secondly, Joachim guided attendees on mastering and managing cervical shoulders with ease, a critical aspect in achieving optimal fit and aesthetics. Lastly, participants delved into the intricacies of recreating the natural texture of teeth through adept manipulation of firing settings, unlocking the potential to create lifelike restorations.

The event provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of advanced techniques and strategies to elevate their metal ceramic restorations. By leveraging the capabilities of ceraPRIME® MC, dental professionals gained the confidence and skills needed to deliver exceptional outcomes for their patients.

As the dental community continues to strive for excellence, lectures like the Elegant Dent ceraPRIME® MC course serve as invaluable opportunities for professional development and knowledge exchange. Through collaboration and continuous learning, practitioners can stay at the forefront of dental innovation, ultimately enhancing patient care and satisfaction. We cannot wait to host another insightful lecture at the DTS and eagerly anticipate reconnecting with our attendees next time.

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