iQprint® Wash

Group 255 (2)
Group 227 (1)-min

Smart and Fast Resin Cleaning Solution

The new iQprint® Wash is an advanced print resin cleaner that will rapidly eliminate excess print resin to give a polished, high-gloss finish. Following post-curing, experience exceptional results, free from the sticky residue often left by conventional cleaning solutions. Unlike conventional cleaning solutions, iQprint® Wash will not stain or discolour any printed parts.

Accelerated post-processing times enhance efficiency, and the long-lasting outcomes are attributed to the optimised properties. The viscosity of iQprint® Wash has been specially engineered to enable thorough cleaning of challenging, hard-to-reach cavities and intricate geometric structures.

Our wash material is a superior alternative to IPA. iQprint® Wash cleans models in only 3-10 minutes, experience the lightning-fast results and reduce your post-processing times. Just follow the simple cycle, dry and cure. The wash detergent is a non-flammable solvent and does not have a strong odour. Suitable for use with LCD, DLP and SLA printers/resins.

Your advantages with iQprint® Wash

Group 220

Ultra-fast washing

Group 216

High-gloss finish

Group 214

Cleans detailed parts

Group 221

Reduced post-processing time

Group 77

Economical solution

Group 222

Environmentally friendly

Clean Printed Parts Effortlessly

360° Support

Purchasing iQprint® products not only ensures the highest quality for your dental lab, but also provides access to a robust support network. Ready to assist you in troubleshooting any challenges you may encounter. We’re here to support you every step of the way!


Viscosity Density Water Miscibility Flash Point Odour Colour
9 cPs (25°)1g/cm3100%<75°C (Closed)NegligibleTranslucent Purple

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