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Discover the next level of 3D printing materials in dentistry with iQprint® Model and Wash

Elegant Dent is proud to be introducing the next level of precision and efficiency in 3D printing dental materials, iQprint®.

iQprint® Model and iQprint® Model Pro are smart and high-speed 3D resin printing solutions, tailored for producing highly accurate restorative models. Elegant Dent has engineered the line of model resins to fulfil all your exacting demands of restorative dentistry. Achieve detailed models and dies featuring sharp margins and contacts. Effortlessly produce any type of dental model including working, study, and forming dental models. For an extra-hard surface choose iQprint® Model Pro and give your dental models even more added strength and durability.

  • iQprint® Model Slate 1kg
  • iQprint® Model Blush 1kg
  • iQprint® Model Pro Snow 1kg

We went a step further and revolutionised the way your models are cleaned and finished. iQprint® Wash is an advanced print resin cleaner that will rapidly eliminate excess print resin to give a polished, high-gloss finish to all your dental models. Unlike conventional cleaning solutions, iQprint® Wash will not stain or discolour any printed parts. Benefit from accelerated post-processing times to enhance efficiency and clean models in only 3-10 minutes. Experience lightning-fast results for yourself, just follow the simple cycle, dry and cure. Our wash material is a superior alternative to IPA and it is more environmentally friendly.

  • iQprint® Wash 1kg
  • iQprint® Wash 5kg

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