ceraPRIME® MC Stain & Glaze

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Bring your Restorations to life

ceraPRIME® MC Stain & Glaze system is a powder range of Stain and Glaze materials for the internal and external individualised characterisation of porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations. The materials have been engineered to create true-to-nature restorations.

The Stains feature a wide assortment of 17 different colours so you can effortlessly create the individuality you want in your restoration. Integrate enamel cracks, mamelons, and halo effects to achieve natural depth and incisal translucency.

The glaze comes in a standard and fluorescent powder form so that you can replicate natural dentition that fluoresces under ultraviolet lighting conditions.

Your advantages with ceraPRIME® MC Stain & Glaze

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A selection of 17 shade and stain materials to choose from

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Glaze available in fluorescent shade

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Achieve a natural high gloss finish

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Increased economic efficiency

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Gloss that remains untainted – no grey or white discolouration

Areas of

  • Group 58

    Surface characterisation of PFM restorations

  • Group 58

    Tailoring cut-backs

  • Group 58

    Shade adjustments

  • Group 58

    Modifying the brightness of layering porcelains

  • Group 58

    Individually shaded gingiva

Available in 17 Colours!

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ceraPRIME® MC Glaze Fluorescent

Let your restorations mimic nature under all lighting conditions by adding a touch of glaze fluorescent powder to your work!

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The ceraPRIME® MC Stain & Glaze System

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