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Elevating Aesthetics: Mariano Maurizi’s Innovative Covered Makeup Techniques

Elegant Dent recently had the privilege of teaming up with the exceptionally skilled Argentinian Master Ceramist, Mariano Maurizi, for an exciting journey through the Balkans, covering Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. During this tour, Mariano led captivating hands-on courses, showcasing his innovative Covered Makeup technique alongside conventional layering methods, much to the delight of the participants.

The two-day theoretical and practical course delved deep into restorative construction, emphasizing a natural aesthetic sense and a unique approach to layering inspired by makeup principles. Mariano expertly guided participants through the theory of colour and light phenomena, progressively transitioning from simple to complex techniques to ensure a comprehensive understanding.

Key topics covered in Maurizi’s courses included:

  1. Analysis of light and colour concepts
  2. Morphology using prosthetic genesis
  3. Material selection based on the value concept
  4. Contrasts in saturation, value, and translucency
  5. Macro and micro texture creation
  6. Mechanical surface finishing

Mariano introduced the revolutionary Covered Makeup technique, characterised by applying a thin layer of enamels to achieve highly aesthetic and natural restorations with controlled reflection surfaces.

The practical sessions provided invaluable hands-on experience, with Mariano demonstrating techniques on specific case studies:

  • Upper left central incisor: Covered Makeup technique
  • Upper right central incisor: Advanced layering technique
  • Cool: Simplified stratification

Participants left Mariano’s courses equipped with advanced skills and insights, ready to implement these innovative techniques in their daily practice. Mariano’s teachings not only elevated the aesthetic capabilities of the attendees but also inspired a newfound appreciation for the artistry and precision required in dental ceramics.

As we reflect on Mariano Maurizi’s impactful visit, we eagerly anticipate future collaborations and opportunities to further elevate dental aesthetics and craftsmanship.

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