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ZrPro® Ceram Master Class: With Serhii Yurchenko

Elegant Dent joined Turkish partners, Ismet Talay to host a highly informative ceramics master class in Izmir. Renowned Master Dental Technician (MDT) Serhii Yurchenko led the session, focusing on the intricacies of zirconia ceramics.

During the master class, Yurchenko delved into the essential qualities of zirconia, such as opaqueness, transparency, opalescence, and fluorescence, emphasising the significant impact of material selection on restoration aesthetics. He conducted a comparative analysis between Elegant Dent’s ZrPro® Ceram T1 and T2 variants, highlighting differences in translucency and opal effects. Furthermore, Yurchenko explored the unique properties of Elegant Dent T Blue and discussed the influence of firing temperature on zirconia characteristics.

One of the highlights of the session was Yurchenko’s step-by-step layering procedure using ZrPro® Ceram, offering participants invaluable insights into achieving industry-renowned zirconia results. Through practical demonstrations and comprehensive explanations, attendees gained a deeper understanding of zirconia ceramics and learned how to optimise firing temperatures and layering techniques to avoid common mistakes and enhance restoration quality.

The master class proved to be a resounding success, providing dental professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to elevate their ceramic restorations to new heights. As Elegant Dent continues to collaborate with partners like Ismet Talay, such educational initiatives promise to drive innovation and excellence in the field of dental ceramics.

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